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SW City Times Twin Issues!
Posted Thursday, September 11 2014 by Dr. Tax, Ph.D
I decided to make a new SW City Times today... and ended up making two.  The second one that was issued is actually double the size since the old JPG was 400x400 pixels which used to be ample on the old 1024x768 resolution we all used to run on our 15" CRT's.  The new 800x800 pixel format is much easier to read in a web browser and allows for higher resolution pictures. ;)  You can find the new issues in the Times archive (see sidebar) or the latest issue at any SW City Times news stand in-world. Enjoy!

Nice Weather
Posted Wednesday, September 10 2014 by Dr. Tax, Ph.D
Just another beautiful day in SW City!

User submitted image

Minecraft is Leaking
Posted Thursday, June 27 2013 by Dr. Tax, Ph.D
Since citizenships are now free and SW City people can come and go as they want between any of their favourite games, why not bring some Minecraft into AW? ;D

User submitted image

Change to AW Universe Cit and World Pricing Model
Posted Sunday, June 2 2013 by Hyper Anthony
Pulled from the AW Facebook  Group: http://pastebin.com/tmn2EhMa

TL;DR Cits will be free, world license fee is going away, world pricing is becoming cheaper, with much more capacity for users at a much lower price.  CAV Clothing/micro-transactions appears to be the new business model, on a "credits" system for micro-transactions and world purchases.  Expected changes within a few weeks.

"Sim City: Fail" Video Series Tops Reddit SimCity "Hot" List
Posted Saturday, March 16 2013 by SW Chris
A video on the SW City Youtube channel has topped the Reddit SimCity "Hot" list, taking the #1 position overnight, and has hit #32 on that page's Top list. The video details a game-breaking "bug" with the game's simulation engine that makes it nearly impossible for an unskilled individual playing the game normally to create a failed city.

Proof! http://www.swcity.net/users/chris/redditfrontpage.jpg

Says SW Comit:
One big difference between Simcity and the previous games is that sims will move into, and develop plots before factoring in how they feel about the city.

In simcity 4, zones would remain as barren, empty fields if the city did not provide adequate jobs, or just in general was a terrible place to live. And this threshold of expectations would grow as the city grew, driving the player to make their city better and more well designed.

Now, all zones are developed, regardless of conditions. The sims will then later make their decision on if they'd like to stay or not, but not before forking over a few months worth of tax income! A mayor would only need to keep bulldozing abandoned buildings to exploit this behavior for as long as he'd like.

This behavior on the part of the game's graphic engine essentially renders the mechanic of balancing the RCI (Residential/Commercial/Industrial) demand obsolete, and implies that much of what one does in their gameplay currently has little to no effect on the total number of inhabitants that reside within their city.

Check out the video for more information:
SimCity Fail - 100% Residential Town Test in Normal Mode - Time Lapse

And check out the SW City Youtube Channel for more great content and "Let's Play" series:


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