Citrus Mountains

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The Citrus Mountains is a region of mountainous terrain that make up most, if not all, of James Rivers geological features. The medium sized range consists of two large masses, each with a lake at the top. The taller of the two mountains houses Citrus Lake while the other is the home of Hyrule. The region between the two mountains effectively creates the Silver Valley while the foothills of the eastern part of the range creates the Faldon Valley.

This mountain range is the second largest on SW Island, behind the Avatar Mountain range.

Citrus Lake

Citrus Lake is a massive, almost perfectly circular lake that sits a top the higher portion of the Citrus Mountain range. Due to it's massive size and altitiude, the lake acts as the perfect water-catch, which then drains off the mountain via the James River Falls and into the James River.


Hyrule inhabits the other large mountain that is part of the Citrus Mountains. It consists of a small village and an old castle, dating back to medieval times and an abnormally deep lake taking up most of the east side of the top of the mountain.

To the southeast of Hyrule, there is a popular archaelogical dig site.

Citrus Foothills

The Citrus Foothills are a network of low-laying hills that encompass such areas as the Faldon Desert and parts of Downtown Central SW City.