Grinsdale Mountains

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The Grinsdale Mountains area a small, old mountain range system that occupies an area of land in the center of SW Island just east of Cirrus Street. The Grinsdale Mountain range used to occupy a much larger area, up to 10x what it currently occupies, but due to erosion it has largely been reduced to a small hill.

It is considered to be the second oldest mountain range on SW Island next to Mount SW. Due to it's age, the mountain has been known to produce rockfalls that damage city and private infrastructure and buildings. Due to that fact, construction companies have bid on city contracts in order to secure the loose rock by means of rock bolting.

Niagara Falls

A large and majestic waterfall known as Niagara Falls inhabits the Grinsdale range to the west. Many visitors from all over the island come to this attraction yearly to view the falls which are fed from a high pressure underground source. These falls are the source of the Rage River which feeds into Rage Lake.

The falls are accessible by road (Niagara Falls Road and Cirrus Overpass) as well as the Skylane.


Since the mountain range is right in what is to be considered the heart of SW Island, much of it is hooked into the major transportation networks of the city. The Department of Transportation hooks in the mountain using the subway with a very modern station named after the mountain; Grinsdale Station. The station is located southwest of the mountain and contains many amenities such as restaurants and hotels.

Cirrus Overpass accessing Niagara Falls