Joshua F. Sequinia

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Joshua F. Sequinia (aka Josh) is the current Manager of the Sequini Isles, SW City. He is a young, expirenced builder within the AW System.

  • Name: Joshua Frank Sequinia
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Human
  • Status: Manager of the Sequini Isles.
  • Origin: AWTeen
  • Member since: 2005
  • Residence: N/A


Joshua had a life of a normal teen, was local to the AWTeen planet and worked as a Just Ask Me Guide there, he began helping Jaguar Hahn build his precinct in New Arklay City and decided he enjoyed building towns and other enviroments so looked into getting a small precinct in New Arklay City after a few weeks problems occured and the mayor resigned leaving one of the current governors to take mayorship. Jaguar Hahn became the new mayor although the problems stayed New Arklay City closed and Jaguar Hahn started afresh with Oakdale. Joshua enjoyed the town building so he decided that he was going to start building a small town, sadly the town did not run well and due to lack of volounteers closed however Joshua continued his work as a Just Ask Me Guide and continued to stay local to the world.

Few months after Joshua traveled to SW City in search of a new life to escape the problems in AWTeen the problems were solved but, Joshua stayed in SW City and had begun building in a group of islands he found when exploring the Irenic Ocean.


Joshua also started becoming local in SW City and explored many of its enviroments and found them amazing. After exploring most of the main land Joshua went out to look at other islands and stumbled among a group of islands he named them the Sequini Isles. He begun work on building the area up and saw the isles as a good buisness venture.

Current Activities

Joshua is currently the manager of the Sequini Isles. Joshua sees the isles as a good buisness investment and is currently working on a new green energy plant which will give enough power to power many more houses that Sequini Isles currently has.