Mercer Islands

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Mercer Islands


The Mercer Island group consists of the two small islands of Nautilus Island and Mercer Island as well as the much larger Island of Grimsey. The settlement of Mercer Island began as a result of the need for steamers making the Irenic Ocean crossing to refuel their coal supplies. With the advent of fuel oil burning ships the stopover at Mercer Island was no longer needed and the local economy collapsed. It wasn’t until the Psycho Neurotic Institute for the Very Very Nervous was built on Nautilus Island, that the local economy marked a turnaround.


Since then Mercer has begun to shift its economy towards tourism as a result of its sandy beaches. This has met with a resounding success and today Mercer Island enjoys a robust economy supplemented by its numerous offshore banks and title companies as well as the influx of tourists from SW City seeking a laid back lifestyle. With future plans to start ferry service from Mercer to Grimsey Island growth of the local economy is bound to continue.