Shores District

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The Shores District is the most recently organized district in SW City. The area of the district includes the Eastern Shores precinct that spans much of southeastern SW Island. The Shores District is also the first district to begin expansion into the Outerlands, with holdings such as the Southern Highlands and the Bueny Peninsula.


Eastern Shores

Eastern Shores is a precinct that lies in the southeastern area of SW Island. The precinct is very rich in culture, and examples of this can be seen in its primary urban area, Port Cobalt. The manager of this precinct is Dane E. Esperion.

Southern Highlands

Southern Highlands is a precinct that lies along the southern fringes of the SW City territory, spanning the coastline of the Irenic Ocean. The Southern Highlands is very much a wilderness area, with a minor urban center at Obsidian Cove and its hinterlands. The Southern Highlands stand over the Irenic, elevated by oceanside cliffs that quickly receed into forest as you venture inland. The Southern Highlands are managed by Piers J. Anthony.

Sequini Isles

Sequini Isles is a precinct that consists of a group of islands in the Irenic Ocean. The islands have many enviroments from urban built up areas to caves deep underground. The precinct belives in green energy and has invested in a new renewable energy plant that runs using many wind turbines, solar panels and a underground hydroelectric plant. The Isles also has a high import of Shig meat from the Zelená Islands the delicous meat is used to make a Shig Burger which is highly popular with the Sequini Isles residents. The manager of this precinct is Joshua F. Sequinia.