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Desktop Images - Click image to view.
Lost Nimbusian
Alt2 Alt3
Nimbusian World
Syntax Estates

SW City Collage
Landing Point Island
Rising Glen Retreat


Splash Screens
Ilexus Forest
A picturesque shot of Ilexus Temple and some surrounding wildlife. Extract file to /splash in your Active Worlds directory.
(by Syntax)
Nimbusians @ City Hall
Three Nimbusians standing outside the picturesque SW City Hall. Installation instructions included in the zip file.
(by SW Comit)


Toolbars - Unzip to /toolbars folder

Blue Marble (2006)
The SW3D toolbar modified with a new background and new buttons. Comes in two sizes. Download

Black Tile (2006)
The SW3D toolbar modified with a new background and new buttons. Comes in two sizes. Download



AW Cache Backup and Restore
This tool allows users to easily make a copy of their AW property cache. If you crash, you can easily restore the backup and avoid having to redownload all property information.

Download ZIP (4kb)

SR Folding@HOME Logo
A logo for your Folding@HOME client if you are on the Scarabian Republic folding team (team number 11309). Download the ZIP file if you're having trouble saving the picture.


RGB Color Picker
An excellent tool for building with colors in Active Worlds. Not only does it let you custom create HTML color codes for you, but it also lets you choose colors from the screen. Great for matching and blending colors.


SW City Language Pack Outdated
Unzip the language file (swcity.awm) into the /messages folder in your Active Worlds Directory. Restart AW if you had it running when you unzipped the awm file. Open AW. Go to Options Settings Advanced tab. Select SW City from the drop down menu.

Download (9kb)

Universal Teleport List (UTL) Outdated
A huge list of teleports to around SW City to be used for your Teleports tab in the AW browser. Every teleport is named/grouped as followed:
"SW City - [District] - [Building]"

To install it, you can copy all the teleports inside this one and paste them into your existing teleports.txt. Or you can overwrite your current teleports and just go to SW City places all the time. :P

AWE: Alphaworld Enhanced

SW City Builders Academy

SW City Discord Server

AWNews: Things Do Happen in AW

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