Welcome to SW City! - We're a core group of about fifteen people–plus hundreds of contributers–who've built a multiple-award winning virtual city and gaming environment located within the Active Worlds 3D browser. Using the Active Worlds software as the construction tool, we've created twenty-plus square miles of virtual reality content, including an MMORPG called SW City Interactive.


Build in SW City

  • Comprehensive Building System
  • Build What You Want
  • Ready-to-Use Lots Available

Wanna build? Telegram a staff member or talk to them in chat.


SW City Interactive

  • Fun Exploratory MMORPG
  • Lots of Quests and Adventures
  • Minigames with Leaderboards
  • Ad-Free Play & No Microtransactions

SWI is our core gaming experience. Click on this link to teleport to the SWI Headquarters Building to sign up. Visit the Interactive Website to learn more.

Visit SW City

1. Download and install the Active Worlds Browser by clicking on the link above.
2. Open Active Worlds.
3. Click on the teleport button or use the Teleport menu to teleport directly to World: AW, Coordinates: 2217S 3610e. You will be teleported directly to SW City's town square.