Map Archive - This page is a compilation of maps that we have collected over the years. The maps have been generated a number of ways including Pieter and Greg's old-school AWMapper, self-renders and AlphaMapper.

SW City viewed from AlphaMapper

Most Recent Map

August 2007
RoadKill and company released AlphaMapper which immediately solved all our mapping woes. With the addition of this tool, updates to the map archive will now be much more frequent. There's been so much updated in the time between maps that I'm not going to attempt to point them out.

Past Maps

August 2005

We got sick of waiting for AWMapper to update so we decided to do our own maps using Andras's tools. After yet another year of no updates, this map has a TON of new juice. There is honestly too much new stuff to even name here so I'm just gonna put up the really big stuff. Most notable structures: Larger Eastern Ocean Expansion, Palm Grove peninsula, *shrug* too much to name.

June 2004
Like the previous update, we had to wait almost another year for this one. This update brought about many gigantic updates such as the "whitening" of the northern shores of SW Island with Ilexus Forest and SWCI. It also revealed the newest ocean expansions with it's newest island, Velothi. So many updates on this one, its hard to keep track of them. Most notable structures: Velothi Island + Ocean/River Expansion, Castle Pines, SW City International Airport, Ferruccio's Palais Mountain, Ilexus Forest, CJ Ranch
July 2003

Mapper went on quite the hiatus and never updated for almost a year! >_< But when they did update (out of the blue) the result was quite drastic. The city grew a big blue tumor off the east shores which was the biggest change. CJ Land also sprouted up a lot. Most notable structures: Eastern Ocean Expansion, Palais d' Ferruccio, Termani, Meta and Haratu Islands.

August 2002
Another gigantic expansion to the Irenic Ocean. This time it included two huge islands. Caturn Island to the south of River District and Sybit n' Seawing islands located to the north of Syntax Estates and Central SW City. Most notable structures: Caturn, Sybit and Seawing Islands.
May 2002

This update revealed the construction of big waterways. Another big change from the last map is if you zoom into the SWGZ map, Town Square has changed totally! Most notable structures: Vishara's River, Sundance, Nutin's River, Cougar Lake, Mondary Village.

February 2002
Wooo, this update is probably the biggest change to the city since the grassing. Obviously, the ocean around the city made the city an island, but it also brought other big changes to the SW City map by creating different islands and other "natural" structures like peninsulas and inlets. A few bridges have been constructed across the ocean also to link us with the rest of AW. Most notable structures: Irenic Ocean, Islanded Canyon River County, inlets to Palm Sea and Rage lake, the completion of StoneRidge lake!
November 2001

The one month difference between the two updates (October to November) didn't leave much time to get anything really noticable built. Also, most of the staff were away on small breaks doing other things other than AW. Most notable structures: Ilexus Forest lakes and hills, Vyseus Park.

August 2001
After a long 5 month wait, Mapper finally updated to reveal tons of new juice in the city. On this update, SW builders had 5 months to build so many new builds sprouted up. All 5 subcommunities popped bigtime. Central District grew down by the Palm Sea with Orton Strip Mall and Kithicor Forest. Estate District with it's mountain range, densifying near Tranquility Fountain and Saddle Creek. River District with Silver Valley. Ridge District with Kope Hill and the Sea and finally, Palm District with a couple islands. Most notable structures: Avatar Mountains, Saddle Creek, Kithicor Forest, Rage Lake Urban Area.
May 2001

This update showed how much work each Governor did on their subcommunity. Syntax Estates seen major condensation around the Tranquility Fountain. James River spilled out in a rage of urbanization. Palm Grove erupted around the shores of Palm Sea as you can see. The most notable feature about CSWC was that it gained a small little area called Clandestinian way out in the boonies of it's east side. Stoneridge remains pretty much unchanged. Most notable structures: Expansions added to Hyrule, SW Mesas, Ilexus Forest (North Syntax Estates), Palm Sea Expansion.

February 2001
Between November 2000 and February 2001, major construction took place to preserve future property for SW City construction only. This was one of the smartest moves the core staff taken. It has helped keep vandalism and land wars in the city next to zero. Stoneridge (seen north of CSWC) was also plopped onto the SW City scene. The biggest structure built was obviously Palm Sea, the large sea seen in the south-southeast area of the city. Most notable structures: Palm Sea, Faldon Desert, Hyrule, Stoneridge, Rage River
November 2000

SW City continues to grow outwards in all directions. The northern part of Syntax Estates hits the Perimeter Sky Lane north (2000s) with the completion of the SW City Object Yard. SW Chris finishes off what needed to be done for the Citrus Mountains and Captain Mad Mike madly expands south with Palm Grove. Central SW City sees some growth (SW City Historical Pathways: North & Grass Cover: South)on tips of its banana-like shape. Most notable structures: Citrus Mountains, SW City Object Yard, Kappa River Estates, disappearance of the giant desert in the SW corner of the city.

August 2000
Here you see SW City starting to blossom into a full blown city. More "natural" structures such as mountain, rivers and lakes are popping up. Syntax Estates exploded with the construction of Tranquility Fountain and Rage Lake. The first pieces of Palm Grove and James River (not named a subcommunity until September) are build by SW Chris and Captain MAD Mike. As you can see on the top part of the map, the Perimeter Sky Lane has been constructed. Most Notable structures: Tranquility Fountain, Citrus Mountains, SW Airport, Rage Lake.
May 2000
The pictures taken in May 2000 are the earliest recorded pictures taken of SW City. Mind you, this map displays SW City as just over a year old! As you see in the map, the growth in the city was slow during this year compared to the quick expansion you will see in the upcoming maps. Most notable structures: Elemental Stadium, SW Sea

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