CommieCorp CeeJay

2004 CeeJay

Weight: 16,352lbs.
Top Speed: 65MPH - 140MPH (fully loaded to empty)
Hauling Load: 95 tons
Hauling Volume: 8 with bed, 16 with trailer (standard issue crates)
Fuel: HMFC-63
Fuel Capacity: 32 cells
Engine: Vector'Drive
Balancing System: Flometal III
Base Price: 10,500,000

The Ceejays were originally designed for Duranium transportation due to its heavy weight - 1139 lbs per cubic foot. While the Ceejay has a low hauling volume for its price, they're more designed for carrying extremely heavy wares - up to a whopping 95 tons. However, the bed can be removed and replaced with a towing latch, for hauling other vehicles, including tanks if need be. Nearly half the vehicle's mass is housing the mammoth Vector'Drive Quantro-Inject energy drive, equip with a mounted heatsink with an active micro-plumbing internal heat exchange system. Its fuel cell array houses 32 fuel cells, each cell averaging 85 miles per cell with a 90 ton load going 60 mph. For balance, it uses a CommieCorp Flometal III, which is a 100% mercury solution, weighing 13.5x more than water to help offset the huge load.

"When you need more...CJ size it" - Product Slogan