CommieCorp Grizzly

2002-2005 Grizzly

Weight: 6,5520bs.
Top Speed: 68MPH - 145MPH (fully loaded to empty)
Hauling Load: 20 tons
Hauling Volume: 8 standard, 12 extended version (standard issue crates)
Fuel: HMFC-63
Fuel Capacity: 12 cells
Engine: DuraDrive
Balancing System: Extended Intel'i'juice Balancing System
Base Price: 6,500,000

The Grizzlies make up the "meat and potatoes" of the CommieCorp industrial lineup. While the trailer can be swapped out, the standard, closed trailer is able to hold 8 standard issue crates. The lengthened version can hold up to 12. Under the hood, they use a DuraDrive Twin Fuel Inject energy drive using industrial grade fuel cells (HMFC-63). It has 12 fuel cell slots, running on 2 at a time. On a long range highway run, they average 260 miles for every fuel cell, and can cruise at 60 mph with a 20 ton load. It uses a CommieCorp Extended Intel'i'juice Balancing System.

The Grizzlies haven't seen any big changes over the years. The only changes were in the modular design to allow different equipment to be attached to it. The 2005 equipped it with a hydraulic lift, for example. Other changes include minor aesthetic changes to the front end.