Daerathorics was the only known written language of the Velosians (but not the language itself). While it is complicated looking text to the untrained, it is considered to be an easy to learn and efficient form of writing. Because of this, combined with Velosians being the first to invent written language in the territory, it somehow leaked to various surrounding cultures and the language evolved into a number of other languages. This makes Daerathorics a parent written language, though unlike most parent languages, the original pure form was kept in tact and used right up to the disappearnace of Velosians. Child text styles can be seen at ruin sites, such as Heretika barrows.

Daerathorics is often taken up by scholarly people as a hobby, and its artsy form makes it used commonly in decorative merchandise and building decor.

Daerathorics is sometimes also referred to as Doric for short.