Elmswell River


The Elmswell River is a winding freshwater river that extends into the Irenic Ocean from the Outerlands. Created several thousand years ago in what is now Summerland Estates, a small lake was formed from a spring fed by an offshoot of the Planetary Veins. The relatively flat topography of the area did not allow the water to settle in one area, and the excess began to slowly carve its way southwest until it reached the infant Irenic Ocean. The Sojourn River formed in a similar manner, and they join near the mining colony of Zlata Ves. Their juncture forms a silty current for which the original inhabitants of the Zelená Islands found suitable for agriculture, and began a life isolated from civilization within the delta of the Elmswell.

Commerce and Economy

An important trading route, the Elmswell services Summerland Estates and the Zelená Islands. The bay of Summerland Estates is especially popular amongst tourists from SW City, looking for a remote location to escape to, or perhaps adventure in the territory of Outerland bandits. Several private ventures out of Mondary Village provide transportation to the bay. In light of the bandits -- and also of the limited SW Army patrols issued to the area -- private vessels are encouraged to carry arms and travel in daylight.

In addition to tourism, the river also provides for the area in terms of irrigation for the many farms of the Outerlands, and a lucrative fishing industry. The powerful flow of the freshwater river downstream allows for healthy, fresh water well into the delta of the Elmswell. In regard to the fishing industry, the Elmswell Bluefish and the Sojourn Herring are desired fish of the river, only venturing out for a short time in the fall to spawn.

  • Location: Outerlands
  • District: Territorial
  • Coordinates: 1304s 4760e
  • Length: ~300 coordinates
  • Type: Freshwater
  • Connects: Summerland Estates to Irenic Ocean