Flint Currency Transition

History Overview

In 2000-2004, the local economy was rising and falling dramatically, due to a number of events such as the visit of "harry", the Pelma Asteroid Collision, new Cello albums by Christopher Wagner. The people, and especially the local government, were desperate to find a way to stabilize the economy. Various approaches were attempted, such as hiring a local clown entertainment establishment to develop the new subway trains.

Frustrated by the failures, local resident Flint Prestonous suggested an overhaul over the city currency. After a year of debate, voting, and considering the alternatives, the government finally voted it into effect immediately. The old Scara-dollar currency would be traded in (1 to 1), exchanged into Flint (plural Flint).

The plan was a success, and the local economy finally stabilized, and the wealth of the population has grown roughly 3% a year.