Genucon is high tech factory located in the Trinadon Industry District of Velothi Island. Genucon is the first factory to produce vitro-meat, which is a factory grown meat tissue suitable for cooking and eating. Within its towering walls are hundreds of incubation chambers, stacked 12 high per column. These chambers artificially nourish a meat tissue causing it to rapidly grow. The process takes 3 weeks, and when done, its size is roughly equivalent to the edible meat of an adult cow.

Because the starter tissues are of livestock origin, and the fact that it's real meat, the taste is 85% of the time reported to taste like the real thing. Genucon is able to outproduce traditional ranches by 100 fold, causing them to be the primary supplier of meat products for SW City, as well as other neighboring cities. Furthermore, the technology is still relatively new, allowing technological advances to further better the yield.

Great care is taken within the incubation hold - the bulk of the building. It's an air-tight, vacuum facility, with an airlock entrance. Such clean conditions are needed as exposed meat tissue is easy to contaminate, which could lead to the death of the tissue, or even disease causing impurities. Much of the heavy machinery in the facility is only dedicated to keeping the incubation hold clean. Bright, ultraviolet lights can be seen moving around the building on mounted tracks, which destroy bacteria. All workers in the hold are required to wear environmental suits, obviously.


Vitro Research Forum was founded in 1992 and silently researched the possible technology for years. In 2000, they changed their name to Genucon, and production of their factory went underway. The group recieved their funding through charity organizations, government research grants, and the CEO's personal wealth. It took 2 years to build the factory, and another 2 years to perfect the machinery.

Opposition & Praise

Now that vitro-meat products are out on the market, the company has had to deal with opposition from various groups. Some feel it is an abomination against nature to lab-grow meat. Others find it simply repulsive. Many animal rights groups praise it since its bringing the ranching business to an end. Though, a few extremist animal rights groups oppose it since the original starter tissues had to come from at least one slain animal. Regardless of such critism, vitro meat is very popular due to its "normal" taste and low prices.

Genucon's Factory/Lab/HQ

Incubation chambers