Gryphon Talon

Weight: 1,750lbs.
Top Speed: 215MPH
Fuel: HMFC-71
Fuel Capacity: 4 cells + collection arrays
Engine: MAD Scramjets QuadroForce II
Balancing System: Thrust vectoring & Internal Stability Control
Base Price: 47,000,000

The Talon builds off the low, sleek design principles of the Panther, while adding the squared-off front found on the GR-1 and GR-2 crafts. It features two collectors mounted in the rear, flanking the engine, as well as a small collector located in the front, in the nose of the craft. The canopy provides a very wide, unobstructed viewing area for the driver, and rear-view mirrors cover the blind spots. Four nozzles in the back provide quite good thrust output and turning capability, with the side turning nozzles surrounded by heat-dissipating radiators for the engine to effectively cool itself with. The Talon's remarkably efficient engine has quad accelerators and specialized thrust direction modules for the turning nozzles to increase handling. Systems include the standard Gryphon racing and safety software, as well as added software for monitoring extra engine statistics and the thrust direction modules. Four fuel cells are used in the power bus to power the craft, while collectors recharge the cells to increase efficiency.

The newest Talon model has been updated with a TriFlex rear wing, a pair of forward boost-engines for bursts of speed on straight roads, and an upgraded Engine Management Unit (EMU) for the specialized Gryphon Race Programming.

Old model Talon