The Kyberosoba are currently not found on any of SW City's main islands and have been relatively unknown until recently. The Kyberosoba are a race of short stocky creatures that have lived in the outlands north of SW City for an unknown period of time. Kyberosobian history mentions the Velosians as well as an environmental catastrophe in their area, it is during this time the Kyberosoba were forced to experiment with radical surgery and augmentation to survive in their harsh environment. After a long and terrible period of failed experiments they managed to standardize a safe method of augmenting their race to become what they are today. With a small population and very limited resources, the Kyberosoba have survived by raiding outland settlements and ruins, often fighting with human bandits. This race's society has been slowly declining since the environmental disaster long ago and their augmentations and scavenged technology has only served to barely keep their race alive rather than improving it. The Kyberosoba have always been distrustful of outsiders as most of their encounters with other groups has resulted in violence against them, as such they have developed a very secretive and distrustful culture.

Recent History

Recently the Kyberosoba have experienced a renaissance thanks in part to their first friendly relations with Zelena. When the mining settlment of Zlata Ves was being built by the people of Zelena , the Kyberosoba were intrigued but mainly threatened by this invasion of their territory. After years of being left alone by the humans of Zlata Ves, and seeing the local bandits driven away by their presence the Kyberosoba no longer saw the village as a direct threat. The Kyberosoba were desperate for supplies and were facing extinction so decided to risk contact with the humans in the mining village. The two cultures soon found they had more in common than they could imagine and a close working relationship was eventually formed after the Kyberosoba were granted full citizenship rights in Zelena. Although the Kyberosoba are very limited in numbers, down to under a hundred known, they have helped make Zlata Ves the booming mining town it is today. The Kyberosoba work in the mines and have shared their unique power storge technologies with the humans, who have now put it into widespread use and made many improvements that have greatly boosted the health and longevity of the Kyberosoba. The two races now work hand in hand as citizens in Zelena.