Mad Corp Sparrow

Top Speed:120MPH
Fuel: HMFC-51
Fuel Capacity: 4 cells + recharger collectors
Engine: MAD Scramjets Premire 600
Balancing System: Internal Liquibrium Rack
Base Price:500,000

MadCorp sought to round out its craft lineup with a sporty, yet affordable craft. The result was the Sparrow, which is a compact, one-seater craft designed for city commuters. The rigors of city driving, such as darting in and out of traffic/parking spaces is made easier with the small size of the Sparrow, which allows its Premire 600 powerplant to give it quick acceleration, almost like a Gryphon.

The Sparrow is available with luxurious options as well. Amenities like leather upholstry, premium audio systems, satellite navigation, and performance system-programming are available at the dealer at an additional cost.