Phoenix Coast


Phoenix Coast is a low-density, suburban area that is a product of the recent settlement efforts on the Bueny Peninsula. Several small shops are in the area, however it may be most notable for its popular Phoenix Estates subdivision, which features a community pool and a house designed by Ferruccio Benedetto.

People of Interest

John Richmen Books Due

John Richmen is a lazy resident of the Phoenix Coast area. He enjoys borrowing books from the nearby Birde Books shop.

Ginger French Ginger French is the shopkeeper of Birde Books. The shop only offers very common books, and no bookbags.
Pool Clerk The Pool Clerk oversees day-to-day operations of the Phoenix Estates pool. Ever since the nearby Mango Cart set up shop, his concession business has been way down... and he mostly only manages the local lost-and-found now.