Singlish is English in its most compact, efficient form. A fluent Singlish speaker can communicate to others in one tenth the number of characters compared to traditional English. Singlish words are made up of 1 to 3 characters, and no spaces or punctuation. Capital letters are only used on 3 letter words, in which case the middle letter is capitalized.


Single character Singlish words are common, but when paired together, they form new words.

  • 1: one, what, want, won
  • 2: to, two, too
  • 3: tree, three
  • 4: for, four, fore
    • 4m: forum, for them
  • 8: eight, ate
  • b: be, bee
  • c: see, sea
  • i: I, eye, aye
  • n: in
    • nSd: inside
    • nE1: anyone
    • ne: any
    • nv: envy
  • o: oh
  • p: pee, pea
  • r: are, air
  • s: is, yes
  • t: tee, tea
  • u: you
  • y: why, "ty" suffix (8y = eighty)
  • z: "sy" suffix (bz = busy)
  • &: and, suffix (h& = hand)

Example Phrases

"2u12babzbw/me"' = do you want to be a busy bee with me?
"i12babzb" = I want to be a busy bee.
"nech&pznr" = Any sea hand pees in air
"i12tzu4urpt" = I want to tease you for you are pretty