Wolf Island

Wolf Island

  • Owner: Ryan Wolfclaw
  • Population: 1
  • Location: 2271s 5168e
  • Discovered: March 28th, 2005


Wolf Island is a small remote islet, located approximately 1,150 coordinates away from SW Island. It is believed that the island is the most geographically remote location in the Scarabian Republic region. As of June 2005, there are no permanent settlements currently on the island, however a mansion is under construction. There is no evidence of prior habitation.

Due to the extremely remote nature of the island, there are presently no connections to the mainland.


The island was named Wolf Island one day after its founding by Ryan Wolfclaw. He credits the naming with other SW'ians, who insisted upon the name. The name is indicative of Wolfclaw's apparent obsession with wolves (his namesake), however there are no wolves living on the island (see Norliskian Wolves).

Construction of the island's only building halted in mid-2005 after the building crew was scared off by howling noises. Construction is scheduled to resume by August 2005.