SW City Interactive (SWI) is a system that allows citizens and tourists of Active Worlds to interact with the SW City environment like never before. You can hold conversations with city characters, collect an inventory full of unique items, embark on quests and compete against your friends in mini-games. It essentially adds a new layer of depth and interactivity to the city.

Faldon Village

Getting Started - Launch your Active Worlds browser and teleport to SW City (Coordinates: aw 2217S 3610E 180). Clicking on any SW City Interactive related character or item in the city will prompt you to create your own Interactive user but you may also visit the Interactive Headquarters (Coordinates aw 2212S 3615.5E 45) and use the registration desk. Once you create your account, you are all set to begin adventuring.

Norlisk Island

Questing - SW City Interactive allows you to participate in quests that can take you all over the SW City territory. Explore a deep, dangerous cave in search of a lost city. Discover the mysterious past of a haunted forest. Play detective to locate a kidnapped person. Navigate an arctic wasteland. This is only a fraction of the questing and exploration you can do with SW City Interactive.

East Ending

Inventory - While you are exploring and interacting with the characters in the city, you will come across many unique and even strange creatures which will assist you in your journey. They will provide you with vital inventory and knowledge to help you build up your user profile and succeed in Interactive.

You will also come across hundreds of unique environments which range in all categories you can imagine. Deep forests, windy deserts, dank caves, harsh arctic climate. You name it, it's here.

Ilexus Forest

Everexpanding World - The dedicated team of SW City are constantly creating new environments and quests available for users to experience -- keep track of these updates through the Scarabian User Terminals located all over the city. If the system is confusing at first, help is only a click away. Access the large help files from any User Terminal to straighten out any problems you may be having.

So come join the 1700+ users already taking advantage of the SW City Interactive system. Remember, just launch your Active Worlds browser and teleport to SW City (Coordinates: aw 2217S 3610E 180) to begin your adventures.

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