Dratisi Island


Dratisi Island is an island in the Irenic Ocean, located approximately 70 coordinates off the northern coast of SW Island. The island is most famous for it's breeding of Dratisi Dragons. It used to be the home of 100 percent of Alphaworld's dratisi dragon population until Subminians of unknown origin abducted the last remaining dragon infant which was still in it's egg-form. The parents of the infant dragon fled the island and have not been seen since. The abduction took place during the Civil Era of Scarabian history.

Dratisi Island is only accessable by Palm Sea Ferry which runs a route there once per day. Travelers may reach the island by taking the ferry from Landing Point Isle, Sylivian Seaport, Mondary Village or Port Barton in Syntax Estates.


Dratisi Island is a unique island in the sense that it's cliff faces make a perfect 90 degree angle with the ground. The windy and wet climate of this region shaped the cliff faces over thousands of years. The island also boasts geographical features such as a natural hot-spring, 72 meter high peak and a salt-water waterfall, which drains from a small spring in the center of the island into the Irenic Ocean.

The soil on Dratisi Island is very fertile and can grow crops year-round due to it's wet climate.

Fishing is also very popular on the island. A small water hole on the south end of the island is a spot where all different kinds of Irenian Ocean fish species come to breed and lay their eggs.


The prominant vegetation on the island is the Halo Bush.


Dratisi Manor and the Dratisi docks were developed during the Imperial Era of Scarabian history. Carbon dating of the manor and docks show that they were both originally constructed between 1750 and 1880CE, but have been renovated for safety of the island inhabitants and tourists by a team of Vortech labourers. The manor is currently inhabited by elderly Submininan tenants who watch over the well-being of the island. This is also the residence of the island elder.

Vortech and it's team of engineers developed cliff-side walkways which allow easy access to most levels of the island. These stone walkways were put in place for the construction of the radio tower which services television and radio signals for most of northern SW Island as well as Sybit Island. The radio tower sits at the third highest point on the island.