Estate District


Estate District makes up the largest percentage of landmass on SW Island. Even though it is has the largest land percentage, it does not house the majority of SW City's residents. Its most developed areas make up the entire northeast portion of SW Island as well as some smaller islands off of its shoreline; Seawing Island being the largest of them.


Syntax Estates

Syntax Estates is a large land mass that takes up the majority portion of the Northeast corner of SW Island. Most of its landmass is taken up by gigantic wilderness zones such as Ilexus Forest, Terrax Swamp and the Avatar Mountains as well as large lakes such as Rage Lake. It has a magical rating of a rainbow and a unicorn, x2.


Syntax Estates is divided into 9 regions, each with their own area code:

Saddle Creek

Saddle Creek is a precinct.


Saddle Creek is divided into 4 regions, each with their own area code:

  • North Saddle Creek (600)
  • East Saddle Creek (601)
  • South Saddle Creek (602)
  • West Saddle Creek (603)