SW City


SW City is the term used to describe all territory that is owned and operated by the SW City Administration and Management. It is currently the largest and most active community within Alphaworld.

The city as a whole is made up geographical areas with distinct geological features that are in, on or connected to the Irenic Ocean. If these areas are part of the city, they are marked off with their rightful Precinct borders which, in-turn, belong to a greater District. Precincts are overseen by Managers and Districts are overseen by Governors.

The political landscape of the city is controlled by the Charter, which outlines administration, inactivity and land distribution among other things.

The main currency used in SW City is Flint ().


A "real-life" historical timeline can be viewed in the SW City History article.


Geography in SW City ranges to any type of environment you can imagine. A large list of geographical areas can be found in the Geography directory.

Geographical Records

Ground Zero

SW City has had a few different ground zero models over the years; the major ones are shown below. Ground Zero is located in Town Square Park which is located in the mid-region of SW Island.

Ground Zero, 1999 - 2002

Ground Zero, 2002 - 2005

Ground Zero, 2005 - 2009

Ground Zero, Current

Background Lore

SW City is a part of Alphaworld, a post-modern, anarchic yet relatively peaceful world. SW City is one of the few bastions of organized civilization, although the anarchic influence has caused its government organization to seem quite lax compared to the rest of the galaxy. Alphaworld and SW City have a history of frequent asteroid collisions, and is one of the root causes of its broken civilization. Despite this burden, and inspired by a fight for survival, Alphaworld's technological level advanced quickly.

SW City first made contact with the rest of the galaxy in 1994. It's space-faring ambassadors, the CoF, ushered in an age of modern technology, dealing with large corporations due to the lack of government bodies. The empowered corporations of the world became the new seats of power, citing the dawn of the Corporate Era.

While SW City does have an organized democracy government, it's best seen as a civic authority to keep the peace and prevent invasion. Major corporations, with control over resources and technology, have rooted themselves into government positions over time, and give an indirect appearance that SW City is a socialist state.

On the social level, SW City is populated by three major races - Humans, Nimbusians, and Submins, although many other minor races exist, some being alien foreigners as space travel is introduced to the planet.

Origin of Name

The "SW" in SW City means different things. There is a "real life" definition and a lore definition, as well a hybrid definition. According to historical lore of SW City, full name of the city is Signet Wagner City. During the Civil Revolt Of 1855, Signet Wagner was largely responsible for the downfall of the Scarabian Empire and rebirth into a city state, and was a martyr to his cause. However to most modern citizens, the SW means nothing and most of the citizens arrogantly refer to SW City as "the city".

The "real life" definition of SW is Scarab Warrior (see the history page for details). The hybrid definition is a secondary meaning to SW in a lore sense. According to history dating back to the Tribal Era, the Yuli Tribe is the ancestral civilization of SW City. It's military division was known as the Scarab Warriors, named after the local wildlife near their homeland. The Yulians as well as other budding tribes would have most likely been destroyed had it not been for the Scarab Warriors battle prowess during the Heretikian War. Thus, some citizens alternatively refer to SW City as Scarab Warrior City in their honor.