Town Square Park


Town Square Park is widely regarded as the 'centerpiece' of SW City, located in its historical and geographical heart; it is registered with the Circle of Fire Corporation as SW City's own 'ground zero', the main point of entry for the COF's teleporting customers.

As a result, the Park is flooded with tourists and the SW City Department of Tourism has placed several tourist consultants throughout the area in order to assist those who may be unfamiliar with their surroundings.

A great number of services are available in and around the park including the SW City Real Estate office (for those wishing to acquire land), SW City Interactive Headquarters, the Teleport Circle and numerous other essential features. Due to its convenient location, Town Square Park is quite easy to get to if you are in nearly every other part of SW City; Grand Central Station is just a stone's throw away and there will soon be a Light Rail service connecting Town Square Park with Grand Central and SW City Hall.

Jetliners from the SW City International Airport can be seen flying a common flight-route over Town Square Park every so often.


Town Square Park is in the central portion of SW City, surrounded by metropolitan sprawl on all sides. It also sits directly on top of the precinct border that separates Central SW City and Syntax Estates. Filled with trees (Kithicor Pine, SWian Redwood), shrubs (Halo Bush) and several species of local wildlife, Town Square Park is refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the area, and is a popular spot for locals to relax and soak in the view.

Only one asphalt street runs through Town Square Park and that is Main Street; the rest of the "streets" are stone pathways.


Town Square Park was once the location of the Imperial Palace of Scarabia, a massive testament to the excesses of the Scarabian Empire. It was the traditional home of the various Emperors, and before that, the Red Kings of the kingdom of Scarabia. The Imperial Palace was truly a sight to behold; a mini-city in its own right. Truly its most beautiful feature was the Town Square Park Clock Tower built to honor the first Emperor, Alexander Comitus. However, in 1885, there was a massive uprising within the populace, who wished for a democratic system where their rights were paramount and where there was no aristocracy to rule over them with an iron fist. In this revolt, the Palace was breached, Emperor Kila Comitus was executed and most of the building was burned to the ground.

Wishing to preserve at least one relic from the past regime, the Clock Tower was spared and a large park complete with an artificial lake was built around it but was since largely forgotten. However in 1999, the Mayor of SW City at that time () registered the site with the Circle of Fire Corporation and it became the national landmark that it is today.

  • Location: Central SW Island
  • District: Central SW City, Syntax Estates
  • Coordinates: 2218s 3610e
  • Size: Approx. 50 square coordinates
  • Also known as: SW City Ground Zero, SWGZ, TSP
  • SWI Resources:
    • Trash (Salvaging)
    • Archaeology (Digging)
    • Harvesting

Town Square Park Clock Tower

Points of Interest

Grand Central Station Grand Central Station is the main transportation hub in and out of the area. It services three subway lines, two monorail lines, and two railroads! Be sure to visit Conductor Chucky in the subway terminal for assistance!
Teleport Circle The new computer automated teleport circle is a popular feature in the Town Square, providing great information on various destinations around the city before providing access to them.
Town Square Park Clock Tower The last standing piece of the Imperial Palace, the clock tower stands as a testament to the city's great history. Tones can be heard from the tower hourly.
Real Estate Office The Real Estate Office is where all of SW City's great neighborhoods are put on display for prospective residents to find and obtain land.
SW City Interactive Headquarters This multi-winged building, located in the northeastern part of the town square, is where users of SW City Interactive come for assistance and to learn of new features to the program.
Syntax Manor A longstanding holding of the Syntax Clan.

People of Interest

Flint Prestonous A Bin of Birdes

Flint, a charismatic Birde, has been the face of the Town Square Park region for many years. Even before the creation of Town Square Park, Flint has sat perch politely (or not so much) greeting all tourists that make their way in. His personality is one of a kind. We were also told rather forcibly to mention that he is quite fond of tips.

SWiki Consultant The SWiki Consultant spends his days in the SWI Headquarters informing new SW City Interactive users on the ins-and-outs of SWiki Cards. Players that complete a full edition of cards should come to this Nimbusian for a very coveted reward.
Trivia Agent The Town Square Park Trivia Agent is one of many posted across the city, just waiting to ask you a difficult question. Those who answer the question correctly are rewarded with a Blank SWiki Card. In addition to this, he encourages visitors to the park to be on the lookout for the five historical plaques that dot the area.
Colin White Beginners Quest

Colin White is located in the quest wing of the SW City Interactive Headquarters building. He initiates the Beginners Quest, and is a very friendly and helpful personality to guide beginning players through some of the features of SW City Interactive.

Conductor Chucky Joyride

Chucky is a helpful personality who mans the Estate Loop in Grand Central Station's subway terminal. He is always looking to direct passengers and has something special for those willing to learn about the subway!

Cindy Cirrus Cirrus is a personal friend of Colin White who can be found in the subway terminal of Grand Central Station.