Scarabian Empire


The Scarabian Empire is the political descendant of Scarabia Kingdom, formed after the long and successful campaign of Alexander Comitus that is known today as the Imperial Conquest War. His bid for conquest began in 1641 CE and within several years the other civilizations of SW Island had been totally conquered and were subject to Scarabian rule. Lavish riches were poured into the empire, and the Imperial Palace soon became known as one of the richest and most lavish structures in the land.


Due to the range of states that were so quickly conquered and brought under Scarabian control, the Scarabian Empire is known for having a very diverse culture. Though the Scarabian propaganda is forefront and evident in most Scarabian ruins, evidence of influence from other regions of the island are very evident in the cultures and technologies of the empire. This is especially visible in events occurring after the push for industrialization in the 1700s. During this push great advances were made, such as the locomotive in Faldon and the construction of the Imperial Sewers.


The Scarabian Empire was formed by Alexander Comitus in the 1650s following the Imperial Conquest War. By 1710 the Imperial Navy had explored and chartered various territories and settlements throughout the Irenic Ocean and in the Outerlands.

In 1885CE outside influences cause the empire to dissolve, known as the Civil Revolt Of 1855, culminating with the burning of the Imperial Palace. SW City became a city-state and the Scarabian Confederation was later formed by citizens to maintain friendly ties with orphanized outerland colonies.