Ruins of the Imperial Palace


The Ruins of the Imperial Palace is a popular tourist attraction immediately to the south of Town Square Park proper. It is a public archaeological dig site under the supervision of the SW City Historical Society. Another such attraction, Haford Divide, is immediately behind the area to the south.


The Imperial Palace was the ancestral home of the Scarabian Emperors and before that, the Red Kings of the kingdom of Scarabia. Though it encompassed most all of Town Square Park, the ruins are now confined to a large hill on the southern fringe of the park.

In 1885, there was a massive uprising within the populace, who wished for a democratic system where their rights were paramount and where there was no aristocracy to rule over them with an iron fist. In this revolt, the Palace was breached, Emperor Kila Comitus was executed and most of the building was burned to the ground. Relics from the daily life of the residents to the remains of the palace can be found in several areas of the digsite now.


Residents of and visitors to SW City who participate in SW City Interactive are allowed to freely dig for artifacts on the surface of the site. Digging requires a shovel, which can be obtained freely from a friendly Nimbusian at the site or purchased from the nearby SW Outfitters store. Most of the artifacts found on the surface of the site have been cleared out, leaving scraps and mostly junk though a few rare finds do still come up. Those looking to dig and who have some standing with the Historical Society can purchase a permit from SW Outfitters to dig in the underground work area, which still has secrets left to discover.

The Ruins of the Imperial Palace is a popular scouting point for Historical Society recruiters. Amateur archaeologists who gain enough standing by selling artifacts to the team at the ruins may be offered further work.

People of Interest

Marv Drunyal Drunyal is a Subminian and the first person you should visit on your exploration of the ruins. Posted directly out in front of the ruins, he is always on the lookout for newcomers, offering them free shovels and he explains how to dig and what to do with artifacts found at the site.
Travis Burrow Burrow is the crew leader of the team currently researching at the Ruins. He is affiliated with the SW City Historical Society, and holds a lifelong interest in archaeology. He will buy or sell any valuable or junk artifacts you find at the site.
Judy West Bits n' Pieces

Judy is an archaeologist working at the site under the direction of Travis Burrow. She has been assigned to collecting and reassembling broken pieces of artifacts. She usually gets her supplies from Burrow, but isn't against cutting out the middle-man if anyone offers assistance.

Rouden Undon Rouden Undon is a for-profit historical weapons collector. He is ready and willing to identfy and reassemble parts of very valuable, historic weapons of the Scarabian Empire... for a price, of course.
Historian Stratin Historic Initiation

Historian Stratin is an aloof member of the Historical Society who, although affiliated with Burrow, seems to be working on his own projects. He takes interest in hard-working and enterprising hobbyist diggers, and may be interesting in speaking to those who accumulate enough standing with the Historical Society. He works very closely with Historian Shoal of Fort Masen.

Feuding Subminian This Subminian seems to have a bit of a racial rivalry with his counterpart, the feuding Nimbusian. They will stop at nothing to one-up each other.
Feuding Nimbusian This Nimbusian seems to have a bit of a racial rivalry with his counterpart, the feuding Subminian. They will stop at nothing to one-up each other.