Haford Divide


Haford Divide is a small trench or ravine that makes up the Central SW City and Syntax Estates precinct borders near Town Square Park. Historically, it was a bottleneck passageway between the two regions, and was the host of many territorial battles. The divide provided a direct tactical route into the heart of the Scarabia Kingdom, leading enemy forces right to the backdoor of the Imperial Palace. Unfortunately for would be invaders, the Scarabians became the dominant force of the island and the many battles of the divide reflect that in their lasting legacy.

Haford Divide is of some note to herbalists, as Cave Felsha grows in a small, damp cave along the rocky walls of the ravine.


The battles of the divide left many artifacts of war from those fallen in battle. Mostly Scarabian and Barsyn, these can be dug up by anyone with a shovel and sold to Travis Burrow who is nearby on the Ruins of the Imperial Palace. A shovel can be obtained at the ruins and they are also on sale at SW Outfitters, which is south of Town Square Park.

The divide is a popular dig site for those looking for weapon fragments to identify and reassemble. Rouden Undon at the Imperial Ruins identifies these fragments for a small fee.

People of Interest

Troy Vlemier Vlemier is an archaeologist on the hunt for Scarabian Empire dogtags in the once bloody battlefield that is Haford Divide. He also makes custom dogtags in his spare time, and may reward those willing to help him track down a complete set.