Fort Masen


Fort Masen was a military outpost built by the Hyokia Kingdom in 1615. It is situated on the southern end of Faldon Desert and its role is to protect the much sought after Mazenda Mines across the river. However it was mostly destroyed by a siege attack from Scarabia Kingdom in 1641 in the Imperial Conquest War. One of Scarabia Kingdom's first post-war tasks was to rebuild and reuse the fort. And so in 1649 Fort Masen went back into operation, keeping most of its original architectural style.

Within 10 years of reopening, the Fort's role quickly shifted from being a military outlet to a trading post, brought on by both Faldon Village and the fort now being under the same faction. A railroad between the mines, the fort and village was constructed in 1668.

The early 1700's were the fort's golden age, but by the late 1700's it started showing signs of being obsolete. Improved personal transportation and infrastructure spurred by the now unified island weakened the need for a trading port. Its railroad was officially abandoned in 1820, and the dock services were discontinued. By the mid 1800's the fort's only role was a home for some of the Mazenda miners and Palm Sea fishermen. However, even that became obsolete as transportation and infrastructure improved in the Civil Era, as people could live farther away from their workplace.

Eventually, Fort Masen more or less shut down. Today it is maintained by the SW City Historical Society, self funded by the rent of a few people who chose to live in the antiquated buildings and tourism revenue.


Fort Masen is located at the south-central end of Faldon Desert, a sub-region constantly tortured by hot tropic winds. The establishment has a commercial harbor build along Ravous River, which connects Palm Sea to western Irenic. Across the river lies Hyokia Island, and more specifically Mazenda Mines.


To this day it is uncertain where Fort Masen got its name from. One theory was that it was named after Admiral Mike Masen, though this is refuted by "Masen" being a common last name and the admiral's low profile history. Another theory was that it was suppose to be named "mason" because of its decorative masonry work, but was misspelled due to clownism and never corrected.


An archaeological digsite is available to the public within the walls of Fort Masen, very similar to the style of digsite at the Ruins of the Imperial Palace.


The Betolos Plant is all over the Fort -- one cannot move without seeing it in view. Betolos leaves can be harvested and used in certain types of soups.

People of Interest

Historian Shoal Shipwreck on the Ravous

Shoal is a close personal friend of Historian Stratin at the Ruins of the Imperial Palace, and is in charge of the SW City Historical Society's activities within Fort Masen. He is very interested in finding artifacts around the fort, but only wants to work with experienced archaeologists.

Johansen Johansen is a resident of Fort Masen who spends his time at the Raging Ravous Tavern.
Tavern Chef Free Betolos Soup

The Chef of the Raging Ravous Tavern is a very friendly guy, looking to make an honest day's pay by selling some of the finest soup on SW Island. He makes specialty Betolos Soup for those who are willing to scout out the ingredients.

Trivia Agent The Trivia Agent of Fort Masen, like the other agents, will ask a very specific question. A Blank Swiki Card is at stake, so choose your answer carefully!
Historian Jen Old School Threads

Historian Jen represents the SW City Historical Society at their Fort Masen location. She will reward town residents for specific items found at the nearby digsite.