Hyokia Island

-Hyokia Island (2005)


Hyokia Island is a medium sized island located off the southern shore of SW Island. It is an island that has been populated with industrial operations such as oil refineries and various factories. Due to its location in the Irenic Ocean, it is a popular place for large ships passing by to dock and gather supplies. Palm District owns the east half, and Central District owns the west, with Faldon Street being the political border.

Hyokia Island is the first part of the city travelers see when entering the city via Highway 101. Due to its highly industrialized state, smog that accumulates over the island often gives travelers a bad first impression of the city.


The island is an exceptionally flat landed area, with the exception of a few hills on the western and central areas. Hyokia is home to an extensive cave network known as the Mazenda Caves which are home to several precious metals and gemstones. The mines have been open for quite some time now and are still going strong to this day.

Palm Sea borders the island to the north while the Irenic Ocean borders the south.

Below is a geographical breakdown:


Traveling to the island isn't difficult, as there are five different bridges connecting the northern shores to SW Island and one large bridge leading off the island to the outerlands. The Johnson Bridge also connects Hyokia Island to Flangton Island.

Eastern Ferry and Palm Sea Ferry do not dock on Hyokia Station due to the low visitor count.


The entire east end of the island is a vast industrial zone. All major corporations in SW City own and operate at least one factory in this area because the availability of quick delivery of supplies and materials by ocean transport make this an ideal area to operate a business. The location greatly reduces spending on item transportation. MADCorp, the primary corporation operating out of the eastern industrial sector, has most of it's Gryphon Hoverworks garages and workshops located here.

Northeastern shoreline development

The northeastern shoreline on the island is also a popular place for development and is actually the first area to be developed by company owners.

The central area of the island was once owned by a multimillionaire who made it the location of his grandeur mansion. After the first city dump was built right outside the walls of his estate and the pollution level continued to rise from the factories, he decided to move his mansion off SW Island to the outer shores of the Irenic Ocean. The area is now simply a large field but is slowly being bought out and filled up by new companies. The Warehouse District is also prominent on the southern part of this portion of the island.

Further west is Faldon Bay Estates, a peaceful community where a handful of residents make their home. The climate here is much like the rest of the Palm Sea region, very hot and humid for most of the year. Just a little bit further west of Faldon Bay Estates is the only known Mazenda Cave entrance. A few companies, mostly related to the mining industry, have setup offices and buildings here. Traveling even farther west on the island sees mostly undeveloped land in the form of open fields and sandy beaches.