Flangton Island

East Flangton

West Flangton


Flangton Island is the largest island in the Palm Sea, located approximately 30 coordinates off the southern Palm Sea shoreline. This quaint, sunny island is the most popular attraction for tourists and vacationers due to it's beautiful beaches and vacation rental homes. There is also a large amount of recreational activities going on on the island, including tennis and water craft use. Although the island is located within Palm District, it is wholly owned and operated by Central SW City, making it one of the few areas of land completely annexed by a different district.

Flangton Island is most commonly travelled to via Johnson Bridge by car. Charter flights in prop-planes from SW City International Airport, which can be booked with SW Air, are also popular for people not within reasonable driving distance. Planes will perform a water landing on the north side of the island which then allows them to drift underneath Johnson Bridge and then finally dock.

Palm Sea Ferry also services the east side of the island.


The island is a mountainous island jutting out of the sea surrounded by the soft, sandy beaches typical of Palm Sea islands. Much of the terrain is barren of vegetation due to the rocky nature.


People visiting the island by car will often park on the side of the road on the Johnson Bridge or inside the Flangton Tunnel which will very often slow traffic and congest the road way. There is no other option for people here as there was no parking or roads leading to the island built. As a result, many visitors will often gladly pay the fine incurred by parking on the road and see it as a "parking fee".

East Flangton

Most of the major activity takes place on the eastern side of the island. Many vacation houses, which can be rented out to anyone willing to pay the hefty price, have been built along the beach and even up on the hillside of the Flangton mountain. There is a lot of opportunity for recreation on this side of the island, including a professional tennis court with full access to lessons and the pro shop which sells high quality tennis products. The biggest yearly tennis tournament, Swimbledon, is held here annually and brings in the largest influx of visitors. Vendors around the beach and tennis area offer beverages such as Mango juice at a cost. There is also opportunity for water sports rentals such as jetskis and yachts, at a very hefty price.

Eastern development is moving in a southward direction, with the most current building being a walk-to restaurant on south beach of the island which offers spectacular views of the Palm Sea and the Johnson Bridge.

West Flangton

The west side of the island is mostly devoid of any development due to a government contract stating no civilians may own the land. The reason for this is shrouded in secrecy but most locals know that the land is reserved for the SW Army. They own and operate a number of classified bases of operation on the top of the Flangton mountain that are mostly inaccessible to locals. Goverment officials visit the area via labeled helicopter that lands on a privately owned landing pad. The helicopters are seen arriving approximately once every three days. The top of a large antenna can be seen from a select few areas around the island.