SW City International Airport


The SW City International Airport is one of the largest and busiest areas of SW City. The airport handles hundreds of international flights per day as well as tens of thousands of passengers. The airport is one of the largest buildings in SW City, containing numerous shopping and restaurant outlets, executive offices, restrooms, waiting areas and baggage claim areas to name a few.

  • Business Type: Mass Transportation
  • Employees: 250+
  • Coordinates: 1916s 3600e
  • Location: Northern SW Island

Airport Gates

Newly furnished waiting area

Each of the three waiting areas has four gates for incoming and outgoing flights making a total of twelve gates. Two wings are attached to the main airport structure while the third is connected via tunnel and shuttle. The shuttle runs two cars, each transporting passengers and luggage back and forth from the detached gate.

Waiting areas have been the subject of some refurnishing lately; mostly the addition of some indoor trees, new high-impact windows and more payphones to increase the attractiveness and usefulness of the areas.

Parking Grounds & Transportation

Long term parking

The parking grounds of the airport are the biggest in SW City. There is a long term 3-storey parking garage on the southeast corner of the airport property as well as an even larger area for general long term parking. Closer to the airport structure is a smaller area for 10 minute parking only which also houses a Goober Gas station. For visiting passengers, the parking grounds contain a shuttle rental office for those who wish to get their own hovercraft for a period of time. Visitors wishing not to rent a hovercraft can hail one of many Scaracab's parked outside or use a public SWC Supershuttle which runs designated routes around the city for a small fee.

Plans for a subway station on the airport grounds have been in the works for over four years. Funding from the SW City Administration is the only barrier holding the plans back.


The airport currently hosts these various airline companies:


AlphaAir description

Mango Frontier

Mango Frontier description

Nimbus Express

Nimbus Express description


Quantinental description

SW Air

SW Air description