Imperial Conquest War


The Imperial Conquest War was a war involving all of the major civilizations on SW Island that lasted from 1641 and ended in 1647. The conflict was engaged by the reigning king of Scarabia Kingdom, Alexander Comitus. The war ended in 1647 with Alexander Comitus at the helm of a new nation, the island for the first time united under the banner of the Scarabian Empire.


Before the conquest, most kingdoms on SW Island were considerably isolationist. There was some limited trading going on, but for the most part governments tended to keep to themselves.

Alexander Comitus had risen to power in the early 1600s. Comitus, a brilliant mind even by today's standards, had toured the island with his father some time before the war. From this expidition he gained valuable knowledge regarding the geography and geopolitical details of the island, information which would prove to be extrememly useful in the coming conflict.

Records are sketchy as to Comitus' intentions; perhaps due to the desire for resources, or a desire to unite the island, but by 1640 he was already planning provisions and preparing for an all-out war.

The Imperial Conquest War



The Siege of Fort Masen

In the days leading up to the war, Comitus stockpiled supplies while keeping normal operations flowing. He knew that his first victory would need to be resounding, and with that in mind worked on building a navy. Over time, Comitus was able to assemble a small fleet of ships. While the ships were nothing special, the armaments built into the ships made up for it many times over. His fleet had its sights set on the Hyokian outpost of Fort Masen, a defensive fort built to protect the Mazenda Mines.

Masen, however, was on the southern end of the island, and the only way to get there would be to sail around the island. Comitus was up to the task, and over the next month his fleet sailed along the eastern shore, working through the veil of night and raiding small villages in the day. The fleet eventually sailed into the Palm Sea, and plotting began.

Comitus ordered the naval fleet to split in two; one to head up the Ravous River from the Palm Sea, and the other to travel around Hyokia Island to enter the Ravous from the river's outlet. This was quite a gamble, as it effectively cut his fleet in two. The gamble proved successful though, as both fleets were arranged to block off the Ravous river, cutting off any means of escape for the unsuspecting Hyokians.

Masen was sieged on an unsuspecting night in 1641, one of the first targets of the war. Comitus knew that Masen was one of the largest threats in the reigon, and that a successful defeat would give him naval control of the area. Once the fleet arrived at Masen in the night, they bombarded the Fort from a distance. The Hyokians put up a valiant defense, but they were far outgunned and outnumbered. The Fort was mostly destroyed by mid-day and in the aftermath of the battle, the Fort was rebuilt for use by the Scarabians.

With the successful capture of Fort Masen, Scarabia had another shoreline to work its operations off of, as well as a crude north-south route of transportation across land. The Mazenda Mines were used to make munitions for the war, dooming the remaining Hyokians.


The battles of Fort Masen were many and decisive; The Scarabian Empire was the new power of SW Island. Armed opposition to the empire was mostly quelled by 1647, although minor conflicts would arise for the next decades until the older generations of the captured kingdoms died out.