Civil Revolt Of 1855


The Civil Revolt was a series of events over two years that caused the collapse of the Scarabian Empire.


  • June 12th, 1883 - Mondary Village-born civil rights protester Damon Marshe arrives in the Imperial City of Scarabia, and begins speaking to packed crowds about the evils of Imperial rule and the greed of the current Emperor, Kila Comitus.
  • April 2nd, 1884 - Marshe and Imperial advisor Gramon Syntax secretly meet and begin plotting the overthrow of the Empire - before long, half of the Ambassadors of foreign countries join their discussion, providing outside influence; Marshe is almost a cult figure at this time, and the authorities become worried and desperately try and track him down.
  • September 15th, 1884 - Marshe is located and taken into custody in his hideout in Fort Masen, and taken to Windeval Prison. Magistrate Signet Wagner refuses to try him for treason, and is imprisoned in the cell next to Marshes'.
  • September 22nd, 1884 - His outspoken ally in custody, Gramon Syntax and Horizon Ambassador Talus Harmony continue Marshe's work, and the public begins to listen to them.
  • October 1884 - February 1885 - A large number of public demonstrations are held throughout the Empire, particularly in the old Shanaria territory of Eastern Shores, who actually manage to forcefully secede from Scarabia along with the Esperion Isles.
  • March 3, 1885 - Damon Marshe and Signet Wagner escape from Windeval Prison and make their way to the Imperial Palace; a crowd of thousands follows them. When they arrive at their destination, they begin to breach and destroy the grand Palace - the army is powerless to stop them and some batallions actually join in.

    Kila Comitus was executed after a duel with Gramon Syntax, and the Palace was burned to the ground; unfortunately, Signet Wagner was murdered by three loyalist guards when they turned on the defenseless crowd; Signet ran in front of their muskets, his sacrifice saving countless lives.
  • March - November, 1885 - Gramon Syntax, Talus Harmony, Damon Marshe and the other organizers of the revolution, with help from the people, organize the former Empire into a city-state known simply as SW City, honoring Signet Wagner's martyrdom in this new Civil Era. A group of citizen-ran companies form the Scarabian Confederation to maintain friendly interaction between cities within the region.