Imperial Sewers

  • First Established: 951 CE
  • Officially Closed: 1883 CE
  • Location: SW Island


The Imperial Sewers are the old, abandoned sewer network that lies underneath the modern sewers. They are sparsely linked to the modern sewers through concrete corridors. Most of the sewers now are impassable, shaken and disturbed by modern civilization and beaten down by natural disasters to the point of collapse.

During time of its service, the sewers were gravity powered, and sewage followed the trenches which dropped it into the planetary veins below; specifically the Elliony Trench.


Sewers were first established by the Barsyn kingdom in 951 CE. It was originally only privately constructed by wealthy barons and the royal families, but over time became the standard for new buildings. The other kingdoms followed suit throughout the 11th century.

When the Scarabian Empire was established and small villages expanded into eachother forming a contiguous city, the sewer networks were merged.

New, modern sewers were established as the Civil Era approached, and the sewers were officially closed in 1883, no longer to be put in service.