Scarabia is a land with a rich history.. much of it is unexplainable, and often unbelievable, but it has happened - for thousands of years, the islands that we call home have seen civilizations rise and fall, entire peoples vanishing without a trace, and catastrophic disasters that have changed the face of the planet itself - from the time of Precivilisation - in the years Before Civilization (BC), to this Age of the Republic - now in the Current Era (CE); a period of time that spans over twenty thousand years.....

Prehistoric Era

  • 20000 BC - 10000 BC - Alphaworld is covered in lush jungle; intelligent life is scarce and mostly focused on a patch of swampland in the planet's southeastern quadrant.
  • 10000 BC - 6000 BC - Swamplands begin to fill with water, the surrounding jungle withers and dies, replaced by vast fields of dry grassland and portions of desert; islands are formed in the new-found ocean from foothills and low mountains.
  • 6000 BC - 3000 BC - Intelligent races are suggested to have inhabited the SW City territory around this time, as the oldest found evidence would suggest.

Tribal Era (0 - 900 CE)

  • 0 BC/0 CE - Humans and Nimbusians form tribes, while the Velosians develop an intricate culture and begin ascending rapidly in technology, the Subminians supplying resources and developing a culture all to themselves. However, one tribe, the Tepans, who originated in the northern Vastlands (Terentepa, now an enormous desert but then a fertile savanna), establish the first ever human civilisation, and like the Velosians, begin improving rapidly.
  • 250 CE - Hereto tribe formed and evolved into the Heretika society. They have a loose rule over the land using their dark magic to scare everyone into submission; many barrows are built using ancient curses in this time. Nimbusians escape the Heretika reign of terror by forming a city in the sky - Nimbusillan, or Nimbus Land.
  • 564 - 568 CE - Rebel tribes eventually organize a war effect against the Heretika. After 3 years, the Heretika reign is brought to an end.
  • 569 CE - The rebel tribes whom were involved with the war form a long term alliance called Scarabia, and occupy the central regions of the island.
  • 626 CE - The Tepan civilisation, centered around the massive city of Ahl Tepa, develops near-industrial age technology, rivalling even the Velosians at this time in ingenuity and sheer power.
  • 700 CE - At this time it is believed that a group of Submins carved the face of Manzang into a protruding sandstone outcrop and discovered the caves of Ilexunnan in SW Island's northeastern forests.
  • 703 CE - Due to a catastrophic experiment in biological warfare, every living thing in the Tepan civilisation is decimated by an immensely powerful engineered plague, the once-verdant savannahs turning into sandy desert over a matter of months. Soon after, a great sandstorm completely covers the intact buildings, streets and laboratories of Ahl Tepa and its sister cities and outposts, not to be discovered for over a thousand years. However, the nomadic tribes of the Vastlands preserve the stories of the legendary Tepans in oral and written form, and determined to keep the civilisation a secret from those who would use its terrible weapon, the Haali and the Nezra choose to live in the desert permanently.

Feudal Era (901 CE - 1600 CE)

  • 902 CE - After hundreds of years of nomadic ways, the humans finally develop settlements and permanent civilizations. Several fiefdoms are established (most notable: Scarabia in the centre, Clannar in the Rage River area, Barsyn in the north, Shanaria in the southeast, Hyokia in the south, and Jamesar in the west), and a feudal system is put in place. Nimbusians are reviled and outlawed, and a great deal of them are forced into slavery, while Nimbus Land shuts its doors to outsiders and rises higher into the skies.
  • 962 CE - A group of Submins make their way to SW Island on a pilgrimage to Ilexunnan; they attempt to settle there but are driven away by the xenophobic human realm of Barsyn, the Submins fleeing into the natural caves, building a series of booby traps behind them and later founding what would become Morgulzth-Bethamz.
    1020 CE - The Velosians begin researching weather technology and scout out locations to test it; Norlisk Island is found, a rainy forested area, but due to the unpredictability of the technology, it is transformed into an iceberg.
  • 1060 CE - The Haali civilisation in the Terentepa Desert starts construction on a number of pyramids and temples dedicated to the Tepans, whom they now worship as gods; the most famous of these, the Pyramid of the Heavens, still stands today. Meanwhile, the Nezra, disenchanted with the legend, undergo a massive exodus from the Vastlands and colonize several islands.
  • 1120 CE - At this time the Submins record that the Velosians simply disappear, their city left intact, but it is not known why - although the eruption of the volcano Sharman-Ar occupies most of the Subminians' attention.
  • 1252 CE - A Nimbusian organization attempts to move to the ground, but they are driven out to sea. They are believed to be founders of Trevison Village on Norlisk Island and the first Numbisians.
  • 1473 CE - The village of Clandestine is founded in Clandestinian Valley by the monarch of the Kingdom of Clannar.
  • 1512 CE - A grand catastrophe occurs; Jemarr VI, King of Clannar, begins excavation of the Heretika barrows in Grimmwood Forest. However, he unknowingly sets off the curse, and in an instant, everything living within the forest is dead - his entire excavation crew, slaves and retinue, and even the trees themselves. Their souls haunt the forest to this day. As a result, Clandestine becomes very isolated and it is soon forgotten by the rest of Scarabia.

Imperial Era (1641 CE - 1885 CE)

  • 1641 CE - The king of Scarabia, Alexander Comitus, begins the conquest of his rival kingdoms, and the entire island is soon gripped in the iron fist of the Scarabian Empire.
  • 1670 - 1710 CE - The Empire expands to the other major islands within the Irenic Ocean, and along the outer shores. During this time the pirate outpost of Obsidian Cove is established inside the hidden sea cove of the Southern Highlands.
  • 1720 CE - The fabled Esperion Isles are discovered and the famous seaman Admiral Janus Esperion stays there as Governor, building up a rich colony.
  • 1750 - 1880 CE - Various towns and settlements are founded or occupied by the empire all over the Outerlands.
  • 1885 CE - The Civil Revolt of 1855 causes the Empire to dissolve, and reform into SW City. Later on the Scarabian Confederation is formed to maintain friendly ties with the orphanized colonies outside of SW Island.

Civil Era (1886 CE - 1993 CE)

  • 1886 CE - 6th District (6D) is formed as an anti-slavery Nimbusian rebel group. They express their opinion through rioting and violence towards slave holders.
  • 1911 CE - Nimbusians are freed from legal slavery. However illegal slavery becomes common.
  • 1917 CE - CommieCorp is founded.
  • 1920 CE - Dratisi Island has its only remaining dragon stolen by the Subminians of Morgulzth-Bethamz.
  • 1925 CE - SW City Civil Rights Act passed, enacting stricter laws which put slavery to an end. However Nimbusians didn't intermix with society very well yet. Most of 6th District is disbanded, but some stay behind. They use their organization and mob skills in an attempt to drive SW City towards their best interests.
  • 1980 CE - Equal Racial Opportunity Act passed, which forced the city businesses to hire all races.
  • 1985 CE - Submins leave their isolated ways behind and intermix with SW City society at last, revealing the location of Danchan-Arknthang in Shannon Coast, which becomes the Council of Subminian Citadels' embassy to the world above. They tipped off of the existance of Morgulzth-Bethamz, which was still in isolation.

Corporate Era (1994 CE - )

  • 1994 CE - First contact is made with other worlds. The galactic organization known as the Circle of Fire Corporation propose to usher in a new era of technological advances to Alphaworld. Corporatiions are guided by CoF agents, and become empowered as major seats of power within Alphaworld as a result, citing the begining of the corporate era.
  • 1995 CE - An asteroid named JAYP-37Z0 crashes into the near-center of the colonized world, about 50 kilometers NW of SW City. The "ground zero" of Alphaworld and its surrounding area is destroyed. Asteroid defense become the new hot topic for CoF, and new planetary defenses promise a collision-free world from then on.
  • 1996 CE - Grays inhabit Alphaworld, as well as many other worlds, and intermix with society. Circle of Fire breeds super intelligent birds, capable of speech, and these Bird-Enhanced, or 'birdes', quickly absorb themselves into Alphaworld culture.
  • 1999 CE - The SW City government is reformed to allow outsiders to become residents, and a new city council is appointed, under the leadership of Mayor Samuel W. Comit Jr.
  • 2002 CE - Space travel begins to reach the mainstream public, causing a massive emigration of the world's population seeking a better life. The resulting underpopulated conditions cause civic unrest and terrorism to go unchecked. Authorities blame the complications on the oversight that allowed Pelma asteroid to smash into Carschall Tip and obliterate the area. Shane Syntax, Governor of the Estate District, becomes the new Mayor of SW City and the President of the Scarabian Republic; Governor Rae of the Ridge District resigns from the Core Council.
  • 2006 CE - A massive sandstorm rips through the Terentepa Desert, uncovering some of the fabled civilisation of Tepa. An archaeological expedition funded by SWanford University is sent to excavate the rest of the buildings, which remain intact. New Arklay City falls into political disarray and causes an influx of immigration to SW City.
  • 2007 CE - Dane E. Esperion is promoted to governor in the Core Council. Piers J. Anthony leads a series of expeditions into the vast wilderness of the Southern Highlands to establish a new settlement, rediscovers Obsidian Cove.