Numbisians (pronounced Num-bee-zee-in) are a subspecies of Nimbusians, changed and adapted to freezing cold conditions. They are only found on Norlisk Island, and all but a few live inside Trevison Village. They are a slow to change society, with religious ties to the land they live on.


In the summer of 1252CE, a militaristic bloodline of Nimbusians by the name of Sphoreie banded together to claim territory on the surface once again. When they dared step foot on Hylian territory, the Sphoreie-Hylian War began. It was a quick war however and the Sphoreie were crushed, out of place in the unfamiliar surface in which Nimbusians haven't stepped foot on in hundreds of years. The survivors fled to the western edge of Hyokia Island, which was mostly uninhabited at the time. They lived there just long enough to recover and regroup before their enemies tracked them down. A few skirmishes took place, but in the end the Sphoreie had to flee again, escaping into Shanaria territory.

The Shanarians did not treat them any better, and joined the hunt. The group retreated into the hills and made their way towards Clannar. Fortunately they caught a break, as Queen Amalia I was the ruler at the time. Amalia was sympathetic towards the group, but not wanting to get involved with the hunters, she couldn't let them stay. Instead, she gave them a ship and told them to leave this island. With nowhere else to go, they thankfully accepted and sailed off.

At first they foolishly attempted to sail around the island and make their way back to their home. They quickly saw their path impossible due to the amount of naval activity in the southern seas. The group rethought their plan, and decided that if they cannot live on island's land, and can't make it back to Nimbus Land, then they should find a new home of their own. And so, they sailed into the horizon, off into the great eastern seas.

Eventually, they discovered Norlisk Island - a snowy, arctic ice-land. While it wasn't ideal, it did have food, and more isolation than they could hope for. And it didn't take them long to discover the ample resources buried under the snow. They founded Trevison Village, named after Trevis - the great father of the Sphoreie bloodline.