Obsidian Cove


Obsidian Cove is the seat of SW City government in the Southern Highlands. The small port town is situated within treacherous geography -- this element made the area historically favorable for pirates and vagabonds. However, in recent years the interest from SW City in reclaiming the area made Obsidian Cove an ideal place to start a town, and in the past several years a bustling town has indeed developed.


For much of history the Southern Highlands were wild and untamed. This changed during the Imperial Era when pirates looking to establish an outpost on the southern shore came upon a large cave after sailing inland through the Highridge Fjord. Despite the dangerous, rocky waters that the lined the route to the Cove, the pirates found this a very defensible position and set up a small community inside the caves.

By 1700 CE the well established pirate cove had gained the ire of Admiral Janus Esperion, who launched a fierce campaign against the vagabonds of the southern shores and by 1715 had made the cove a ghost town. After his successful tour and rise to power on the Esperion Isles he sent a colony to rebuild Obsidian Cove. The group built the Obsidian Cove Lighthouse on a small island in the ocean to warn and direct ships into the area, though the town never became financially viable and was eventually abandoned by the Empire.

In the decades following Subminian salvagers made several trips to the area and left a small skeleton crew stationed in Obsidian Cove. As time took it's course, nature reclaimed most of the area until 2006 when Piers J Anthony made his way to SW City, and founded the Rising Glen Expedition to colonize the Southern Highlands. The expedition chose Obsidian Cove to be their seat of government, and have since been restoring the area and developing the surrounding hinterlands. The area has been a popular destination for new residents to SW City, and an Eastern Ferry now regularly docks in the cove to service civilian transportation to the area.


The port town of Obsidian Cove is situated slightly inland, accessible by boat through the Highridge Fjord. The town is build into a small network of caverns that opens under the modern town of Obsidian Cove, which is above ground and built along the Obsidian River. Aboveground, Obsidian Cove is in the midst of the Emerald Strand, a great forest that spans across the southern coastlines. The town is also at the base of a network of mountains that extend into the southern outerlands.