Main Street


The Main Street of SW City is a historical trade route that snakes through Central SW Island. It was first established during the reign of Scarabia Kindgom as a dirt trade route to Faldon after the mass exodus. It was eventually laid with brick during the Imperial Era and later was one of the first roads to be paved by the Department of Transportation in the late 1800s.

Due to the well-travelled nature of the road, the corridor is a popular business district, especially through the area parallel to Town Square Park. A number of businesses and government agencies are established along this route.

Modern SW Main Street begins on Hyokia Island and crosses the Palm Sea over Flangton Island. It continues onto southern SW Island over Orton Strip Mall, then curving to pass through Kappa Field and once again to make its way to West Field, parallel to Town Square Park and finally to Downtown Central SW City.

Main Street Business District

Though Main Street is a very long road, most of it's activity is concentrated in West Field near Town Square Park. A listing of businesses and agencies along it in this area have been catalogued here for easy reference: