Loggers Restaurant


Loggers Restaurant is a popular fast-food restaurant in SW City which serves many different types of logs. It is the oldest fast-food chain in SW City as has numerous locations around the city, the first being south of Town Square Park. Some rich citizens even own and operate their own restaurant inside their house.

Types of Logs

Loggers Restaurant offers three main types of log flavours, which are considered the staple logs of the menu.

  • Cheese Log
  • Oak Log
  • Human Log

Various restaurants around the city also offer various unique flavours of log; the following being a small sample of the wide variety that is available.

  • Lincoln Log
  • Anti-stress Log
  • Nimbus Log

Loggers Fine Dining

Loggers Restaurant has a more lounge-y restaurant which they call Loggers Fine Dining. It offers a bit more atmosphere with a slight increase in the price of the logs purchased.

Loggers Restaurant

  • Business Type: Restaurant
  • Location: All over SW City
  • Locations: 20+

Loggers Fine Dining

  • Business Type: Restaurant
  • Location: OSM
  • Locations: 3