Syntax Mansion


Syntax Mansion is the massive homestead of Syntax that was built at the southeast base of the Avatar Mountains and along the eastern shore of the Rage River. The mansion was constructed in the summer of 2002 to a lot of negative press as the construction site chosen was mostly pristine wilderness; a rare commodity on SW Island at that point. Portions of the Avatar Mountains had to be removed to flatten the terrain, and popular forest hiking trails in the wilderness area had to be bulldozed which also removed public access to a waterfall that could be not be enjoyed by locals of the region until after the mansion construction was finished.

The mansion itself features 65 unique rooms, including indoor swimming pool, indoor tennis court, library, boxing ring, bowling alley, multiple indoor gardens, a Loggers Restaurant, and it's own subway station. The outdoor areas of the mansion include a helipad, a garden maze, multiple fountains, a private street and driveway access, and skylane access. Perhaps the most interesting part of the mansion is the outdoor swimming pool and garden, which features transplanted Ortonian Willows from Terrax Swamp as well as Syntax's 2008 Lifetime Achievement CY Award.

Syntax Mansion is also the current home of Squishy.

Paid tours are given to tourists while the owner is out; many of which criticize the utilization of the indoor space and argue that the mansion should not have been built as big as it was due to indoor space being very underutilized.