Scarabia Extended Timeline

Tribal Era (0 - 900 CE)

  • 340 CE - Earliest confirmed existance of the Yuli Tribe, the original ancestors of the Scarabian kingdom, occupying the area now known as the Pillars of Tri.
  • 548 - 550 CE - After a few generations have come and gone, the tribe falls into intense religious disagreement. The foundation of their religious - Tri - is founded, based upon the belief of three psuedo-parallel dimensional planes - the plane of sense, the plane of spirit, and the plane virtue - that which when combined make up our own plane of existance, and is responsible for the essense and behavior of life. It is however disagreed upon the role of the religion.

    The tribe was eventually split into three groups, whom later become known as:
    • The Yuli Monks: Believed that people could meditate and atune themselves towards the planes for self betterment, and was in favor of grand devotions and testaments of their belief.
    • The Scarab Warriors: Mostly comprised the tribe's hunters and guardsman, they believed the planes should generally be acknowledged by people, but that no specific action was required.
    • The Hurundamese: Considered to be the radicals of the tribe, they believed that each person was born of one plane, and that their life and role within the village would be based on this.
    The Yuli Monks were the prime descendants of the founding family, and occupied the Pillars of Tri. The Scarabians migrated to the south, and the Hurundamese migrated north.
  • 552 CE - Riled by talks of a new declared religion, the Heretika actively declare war on the three central tribes. While the Heretika were already at war with all tribes on the island due to constant harrassment, this is the first instance in which they focused their attacks in an official, organized sense. The war becomes known as the Heretikian War.
  • 558 - 560 CE - The two tribes that split bunker down into permanent settlements to better defend themselves against the Heretika. The Hurundamese occupy the area now known as West Field with the founding of Stonick Village. The Scarab Warriors collect their efforts and form the tribe Scarab, and occupy Faldon Desert with the founding of Faldon Village.
  • 564 - 568 CE - The three tribes eventually organize a war effect against the Heretika. The Scarab Tribe largely head up the war using their warrior heritage, and begin to occupy the other two tribes as protection. After three years, the Heretika reign is brought to an end.
  • 569 CE - The tribes remerge and form the Scarabian Alliance, and occupy the central regions of the island. Most of the leaders of the aliiance move their base of operations to Stonick Village over the next few decades, due to its rapid development and opportunity.
  • 888 CE - The Kingdom of Scarabia is declared, with the construction of the Scarabian Palace, which was located at modern day Town Square Park.

Feudal Era (901 CE - 1600 CE)

Imperial Era (1641 CE - 1885 CE)

  • 1635 CE - Birth of Lukas Comitus.
  • 1641 - 1647 CE - The king of Scarabia, Alexander Comitus, initiates the Imperial Conquest of his rival kingdoms, and the entire island is soon gripped in the iron fist of the Scarabian Empire.
  • 1655 CE - Lukas Comitus is given the throne by his aging father. With this, the kingdom officially declares itself the Scarabian Empire.
  • 1693 CE - Alexander Comitus dies of natural causes.
  • 1697 CE - Deconstruction of the Scarabian Palace begins to be replaced with the Imperial Palace.
  • 1699 - 1708 CE - Imperial Palace is built, and becomes operational enough to open by 1702 CE. In its prime, the palace was a world landmark, beautifully detailed and efficiently ran. It had a royal courtyard which was publicly open every Sunday, a ritzy marketplace, a hospital, and even some scientific labs. In a way, it was a mini-city of its own. The Palace Clocktower was opened on July 15th, 1703, and marked the first annual Scarabian Memorial Day, in honor of Alexander Comitus.
  • 1710 CE - The Imperial Navy finishes their 40 year mission to charter all the waters of the Irenic Ocean, assimilating all the outlying villages as they go.
  • 1855 CE - The Civil Revolt of 1855 collapses the empire overnight, and it is reborn into the Scarabian Confederation.