Morax Summit


The Morax Summit is the highest geographical point on SW Island reaching an elevation of 431.3m at its peak. It is known to be a very treacherous area with extremely harsh weather and climate which make travel to the area almost impossible.

The extreme conditions and elevation have unfortunately created a high death rate for those brave enough to try and reach the summit. The only known route to access the summit is located near the Draxenhorn Basecamp. The Morax Summit is largest of the twin peaks of the Avatar Mountains, the other being the Draxenhorn.


The summit gained its name from the demon Morax who, by legend, used the summit as a command post to command his legion of demon minions. In traditional demonology, Morax is depicted to have the head of a bull. Numerous statues of Morax were erected long ago near the only entrance to the summit in attempts to ward off any travelers wishing to visit the mountain which would mean certain death by the harsh weather conditions or Morax himself.