Draxenhorn, located within the Avatar Mountain range, is the second highest geographical point on SW Island reaching an elevation of 344.4m. The peak is especially rocky and is challenging to traverse without the proper climbing equipment. It is known as the smaller and less extreme of the twin peaks of the Avatar Mountains, the other being the Morax Summit.

Draxenhorn Basecamp

At the base of the Draxenhorn peak is the Draxenhorn basecamp (elevation: 293m); a mostly deserted camp area now used mainly for communications and weather monitoring. Extreme travelers, hikers,and mountain climbers make their way up the mountainside for the purpose of challenging the Morax Summit will often use this area as a camp/rest site before trying their luck.

The Swarmy has been known to use the basecamp as a base of operations from time to time, and have setup their own helipad and small command center here.