East Ending


East Ending is a medium density (small towers) area on the east end of Velothi Island, which is the eastern-most, developed major island in SW City Territory. This urban sprawl houses a significant number of residents in SW City, though it is uncertain how many exactly as there hasn't been a census taken since it's rapid development initiated. Businesses, mostly professional, are seamlessly mixed along with the residential towers. Some notable buildings in East Ending include the SW City Courthouse, Red Gill, MicroSWoft Headquarters, Empire Apartments, and the very decorative East Ending Subway Station.

East Ending gets its name due its location - the east end of SW City's developed territory. It is situated along the eastern shore of Velothi Island, on a peninsula tucked inbetween Masobi Bay and Irenic Ocean. A paved seawalk surrounds East Ending with many businesses utilizing it, such as restaurant outdoor dining areas.