James River Falls


The James River Falls is the highest uninterrupted waterfall in SW City measuring in at 140 meters in height' 113 meters of that being in complete free fall. Rain water and snow melt is collected by Citrus Lake which then flows to feed the falls. The upper portion of the falls winds its way through an underground tunnel system before day lighting and free-falling into the James River plunge pool. The water from the falls then merges with the James River and continues into Scoperta Forest. The James River falls are considered a ledge waterfall as it maintains contact with the rock face for the entire duration of free fall. Very little erosion occurs due to the hard nature of the bedrock over which the river flows.

The falls are one of the most popular free-to-see tourist attractions in the city. A skylane route was built intentionally in front of the falls as a vantage point for the public. The falls are credited to have "saved the skylane" in James River as many people will use the route in order to see the falls on their way to work, whereas other places in the city the skylane has fallen into disuse or are being torn down.

James River Falls during the dry season