Kithicor Forest


Kithicor Forest is a small forest located on the west half of Limesback Hill; north of Orton Strip Mall and south of Orton Lake. The KithiCrow gets its name from this forest.


The forest is populated by a wide variety of flora, most notably the Kithicor Pine. Others include:

Sites of interest:

Kithu's Weeper

Kithu's Weeper is perhaps the most well known and widely visited Tree of Eternity (TOE) in all of SW City. The gigantic tree emits blue sparkles that look like sad eyes. A drop of pure water falls from the tree every hour and there has been no explanation to this phenomenon - just mystery, which is what all TOEs have in common.

Vyseus Park

A scenic park for tourists and citizens alike!

Vyseus Pond

A popular picnicking spot for locals.