Mango Land

  • Business Type: Entertainment
  • CEO: Truse Barenner
  • Subsidiary of: Barrener Family Entertainment
  • Employees: 80
  • Location: Northern Central SW City
  • Coordinates: 2077S 3567E

The Plisko Plummet


Mango Land is a large theme park in SW City owned by Barrener Family Entertainment. Inspired by the city's love of their favorite fruit - the mango, Truse Barrener set out to create a theme park named after it. While only a few of the rides take after the beloved fruit or its citrusy cousins, it brings in a large audience everyday. Mango Land sports a number of games and rides as well as the city zoo.


  • Archery Range - 40m practice range
  • Citrus Blender - Round-about ride
  • Citrus Shocker - Obstacle course
  • Heavyarm's Revenge - Rollercoaster
  • Lava Chamber, The - Obstacle course
  • Mach Blue - Rollercoaster
  • Mango Land Zoo - Zoo and museum
  • Mango Monstrosity - Obstacle course
  • Mechnougat - Action game
  • Nougat Blaster - Target shooter game
  • Nougville - Target shooter game
  • Plisko Plummet, The - Freefall ride
  • Watermelon Wheel - Ferris wheel