Quadri Isle


Quadri Island is a small, privately owned island in the Irenic Ocean. The only manmade features on the island are a small hut, and a short pier used for docking. The island is owned by Ross E. Fox.

  • Location: Irenic Ocean
  • District: None
  • Coordinates: 2604s 3984e 1a
  • Inhabitants: Common Races
  • Population: 1
  • Size: Approx. 10 square coordinates


Quadri Island is nestled onto a shallow area of the Irenic, where a sand bar has been developing for many years due to the flow of sediment past Toppie Island, which is a short distance from the area. In Quadri Island's case, the sand bar has broken sea level and created the low lying area. The nearby Tiberius Island was also created in this manner.

The island is sparsly covered by short evergreen trees, as well as scattered rocks and stones.


Quadri Island is private property, and as such there is no public transportation to the area at this time. However, there is a bridge spanning the distance between Quadri Island and Tiberius Island. Since the area is very shallow, larger vessels are advised to avoid the islands.